After creating ingredients benefiting health and beauty over a long period of time, iDA has now discovered an innovation that directly supports corrections in health and body issues that are caused by cell degradation. Normally, the human body has the natural ability of self-healing, but with aging, changes in environment, foods and lifestyle, the body has changed and becomes less effective day by day. Facial skin has become duller and coarser, bones and joints have become weak, along with body weight and excess fat problems that are hard to solve. The research centre developed a new technology that can solve these problems effectively at the root cause and was tested with over 100 subjects. It was found that this innovation works effectively on the human body and meets the expectations of up to 98%. The innovation is called                 iDA NANOTECH BOOSTER TECHNOLOGY


Amazing secrets to create balance within the body by iDA

-It is a well-known fact in the medical community that human growth is supported by two factors - DNA and RNA, which run in parallel.

-iDA Nanotech Technology culled from high-quality extracts that are highly compatible with RNA in the body directly affect body structure and skin/complexion development in humans. The technology can be categorized into two formulas:

-The iDA Nanotech-Collagen-Booster White Strawberry formula was produced to make facial and body skin look bright and clear.

-The iDA Nanotech-Burn-Booster Cookie 'n Cream formula aims to boost metabolism and capture fats, carbohydrates and sugar in the body to support body Transformation.

With these two formulas, we are confident that you will receive the ultimate technology for your body and enhanced health and beauty in the future.